Mastering your craft is a sign of dedication. It shows you have commitment to perfection, that you will pursue new knowledge and continually seek learning opportunities. 

At Porsche, they have devoted decades to mastering the high-performance vehicle. It shouldn't come as a surprise then that they have also developed programs and experiences that provide their service technicians unmatched opportunities to learn and grow.


In May 2019, Len Stoler Porsche was awarded the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Award for Dealer Service - Luxury Brands by J.D. Power and Associates.

What is Involved in the Porsche Gold Meister Technician Training Program?

This is reflected in the worldwide Certified Porsche Technician program, developed by the automaker to ensure that workshop personnel across the globe are properly trained and qualified to work on past, present and upcoming Porsche vehicles.

By properly informing and training staff members, Porsche owners can be assured that there will be no gaps in the enjoyment of their vehicle, and that they will continue to enjoy the driving experience of their Porsche for years to come.


Who Takes Part in the Training Program?

From the newest technician to the long-time veteran, every service technician is fully informed and trained on the latest Porsche technology from the start.

What that means for Porsche owners in Owings Mills and Pikesville is having a place to go to that employs technicians that are of the highest caliber; technicians that are focused on maintaining the high Porsche standards.

What are the Different Levels of Qualification for the Porsche Technician?

There are three successive levels of qualification in the Certified program: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. While many achieve Bronze and Silver, Gold is only earned by technicians who have demonstrated the greatest ability.

Do we have a Gold Meister Technician?

Here at Len Stoler Porsche, our Gold Meister Technician, Andrew Coons, devotes time and effort to maintain his Porsche knowledge and experience. This includes quarterly certification, at least 40 hours of hands-on training at Porsche's Atlanta facility annually, and regular training on the latest Porsche models. Andrew has 15 years of Porsche experience, and in addition to being Gold Certified he is Diesel Certified and CPT/Electrical Certified.

It's an investment - but as we see it here at
Len Stoler Porsche, the return on the investment for the Porsche owners of Finksburg and Reisterstown is immeasurable. Sid has mastered his craft - the craft of taking care of your Porsche.

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